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Total Performance Fitness

By Tyler Palmer

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At Total Performance Fitness, we strive to empower all clients to achieve their peak level of physical health. Individualized programs allow us to target specific goals, while providing motivation, support and accountability. We are passionate about improving the total fitness level of our clients, committed to creating programs that are tailored to each individual's needs, and determined to lead the way to superior performance, in and out of the gym. Take the first step to improving your tomorrow, today.



Tyler palmer

I’m Tyler Palmer, the proud owner of Total Performance Fitness. A 25 year old native of Edmonton, my first love was hockey. I played competitive hockey at MacEwan University for three years while studying Kinesiology. I then went on to play professionally in the United States. After 25 years of dedicating my life to sport, I have decided to hang up the skates, and help others achieve success in fitness, not just athletic, but in all walks of life. 


My love for training began, of course, on the ice. For the past ten years, I have coached players of all ages in both group and one on one scenarios. While I do intend on continuing to train in the hockey industry, I have made a commitment to now provide certified personal training services to anyone willing to engage with my programming, and invest in their own success.


If you are interested in a program that offers you flexible solutions for meeting your goals, let’s talk. Together, we can explore a program that will meet your needs and lifestyle.


Total Performance Fitness offers a variety of solutions to fit all lifestyles and goals. Whether you are interested in training in person, or looking for an online program, you will be provided the resources you need to be successful. Check out some of our options below, and click to learn more! 



"I started training with Tyler this month. In the past I’ve put my focus into cardio based fitness, mostly due to feeling unknowledgeable and less confident about strength training. After having a baby earlier this year I’ve lost a lot of my muscle mass and knew it was time to put more focus into strength training. Tyler has been unreal to work with. His personality is fresh and welcoming. His knowledge for executing a challenging, safe, and motivating workout has exceeded my expectations. He has tailored a series of different workouts that I can confidently perform and morph into my weekly workout routine.
I continue to feel challenged and pushed in my PT sessions with Tyler and would 100% recommend him as a trainer."


"I have been training with Tyler for the past 6 months. What I find most exceptional is his easy-going personality and his extensive knowledge of strength training. I am 51 and have old injuries which has decreased my flexibility. Tyler is an outstanding trainer as he is constantly revamping my specific program, for me! He has a wicked skill set for strength training and modifying an exercise for a client. This is key as he has a wide age range of clients, and a sport specific performance background. My sessions are always different, hard, and just fun! Tyler challenges me in each session to achieve my short goals and motivates me to succeed in my long-term goal. Anyone wanting to enhance their fitness level or work towards any fitness goal, check out Tyler! He will push you to work hard, you will sweat, swear under your breath or out load, but when your session is done, you will feel awesome…. because you did something great for your body!"


"Tyler is very knowledgeable, easy to work with. He has brought me out of my comfort zone and has begun opening up & pushing the boundaries of what i am capable of doing. But he also respects your personal limitations of what you can and and can’t do. I’ve been working with him for 8 weeks now and have lost 20lbs so far, gained muscle mass and strength. I am able to do exercises i would never of dreamed of being physically able to do or even thought of"


"Tyler is a fantastic trainer and very easy to get along with! I’ve never gone to the gym, lifted weights or had any workout routine. Just played sports and that was it. Tyler definitely makes working out enjoyable and challenging. He pushes me because he knows I can power through a workout but he is also understanding of my own limits. I’ve done 16 sessions so far and I’ve noticed huge changes. We never focused on losing weight so I’ve never stepped on a scale. But more focused on just building muscles so I can be stronger for my work life and my personal life. I’m excited to continue my workout journey with Tyler and I might even give him a little credit when I crush my recruit fitness testing. I would definitely recommend him as a trainer. He has been so awesome to train with and you can tell he has such a passion on helping others on their own fitness journeys."


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Tyler Palmer

Owner, CPT, CSCC 

Zone 105

10554 110 Street NW 

Edmonton, AB T5H 0R8

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